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Station Report

Site Identification

Name Province NTS map sheet Unique Number Provincial Identifier Network
MISERY Alberta 084C03 706004 CAGDH70

Station Coordinates

Unless otherwise noted, all displayed uncertainties are computed at the 68% (1-sigma) confidence level.

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The velocities are interpolated from the national Velocity Grid version 7.0.

h (metres)
Vφ (mm/y)
Vλ (mm/y)
Vh (mm/y)
X (metres)
Y (metres)
Z (metres)
Vx (mm/y)
Vy (mm/y)
Vz (mm/y)
Easting (metres)
Northing (metres)
h (metres)
N (metres)
H (metres)
Published date and project ID 2001-01-01       M01707

Vertical Data (levelling)

Use the value of H from the coordinates above.

Vertical Datum Separation

Use the value of H from the coordinates above.

Station Marker

Marker Type Inspected in Established by Status Comments
Permanent agency marker 1990 Canadian geodetic survey - nrcan Good


Accessible by passenger car or light truck and a walk of less than 50 m.

On the e face of a hill, sw of the town of peace river, known as misery mtn. Close to the e face of the cliff approx 160 m from the s summit of the hill. Mkd by a gsc br tab set in a 30 cm dia conc cyl, 15 cm above grd lvl. There are 2 white 10 cm square wooden posts 1.2 m from and on opp sides of the sta. Gsc sta wesley, judah az, and judah are open from the grd.

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