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CSRS-PPP Outputs

2019-10-17 Update to CSRS-PPP outputs: addition of uncertainties related to epoch transformation

If users request to have the results in NAD83(CSRS) at an epoch other than the epoch of GNSS data, a coordinate transformation is applied using the predicted velocities from the Canadian Velocity Grid. In this case, the uncertainty associated with the epoch transformation will be added to the uncertainty associated with the PPP coordinate estimation. The output files have been updated to show both the uncertainty associated with PPP estimations as well as the total uncertainty including the uncertainty due to epoch transformations, if any.

Description of the CSRS-PPP Outputs

For CSRS-PPP website users, the solution is returned via email at the address provided on the submission page. For PPP direct (desktop app) users, CSRS‑PPP outputs can be returned via email and/or downloaded directly to a user-selected folder.

The new CSRS-PPP outputs
  • A solution report (.pdf) presenting the PPP results in a combination of textual and graphical information. For report descriptions see:
  • A summary file (.sum) which contains the parameters and the results of the PPP processing in (a machine-readable) text format. See summary description.
  • A position file (.pos) containing the positioning information for each epoch processed. See position file description.
  • A comma-separated (.csv) format text file containing the positioning and clock information for each epoch processed.
  • A JSON format residual file (.res) containing the solution residuals for each epoch/signal pair. See residual file description. Note that a tool to transform residual files from JSON format to text (ASCII) format is available here.
  • An error file in text (.txt) format containing any errors or warnings from the processing.

Sample Output Files:

Static Solution, Kinematic Solution, Residual File

Use of Canadian Geodetic Survey products and data is subject to the Open Government Licence - Canada

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