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Sample Batch Files Available

If you need help with the “Batch Processing” file format for CSV files you can now download sample files by clicking on the "Help for TRX" link below.

New velocity grid NAD83(CSRS)v7

View documentation about the new NAD83(CSRS) v7.0 velocity grid.

New Lambert conformal conic projection available

Help for TRX

TRX is a coordinate transformation tool that allows you to:

  • Transform between the North American Datum of 1983 of the Canadian Spatial Reference System (NAD83(CSRS)) and the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF) realizations;
  • Convert coordinates between geographic, Cartesian, and mapping projections (UTM, MTM, stereographic, and Lambert conformal conic); and
  • Transform coordinates between epochs using the predicted velocities from the Canadian Velocity Grid.

Several coordinate systems are available: geographic, Cartesian, and UTM/MTM/stereographic/Lambert conformal conic projections. All coordinate fields are required in the chosen coordinate system, except heights.

Check the box next to "Epoch Transformation" if you would like to transform your coordinates to a different epoch. Checking the box next to "Interpolate velocities" will interpolate the velocities from the NAD83(CSRS) v7 Velocity Grid (NAD83v70VG). If you don't check "Interpolate velocities", you can enter your own velocity values.

Batch Processing

Single Calculation



h (metres)
Vφ (mm/y)
Vλ (mm/y)
Vh (mm/y)
X (metres)
Y (metres)
Z (metres)
Vx (mm/y)
Vy (mm/y)
Vz (mm/y)
Easting (metres)
Northing (metres)
h (metres)

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