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Canadian Active Control System (CACS)

Help for Canadian Active Control System (CACS)

CACS consists of continuously tracking global navigation satellite system (GNSS) stations, referred to as active control points (ACPs). They’re equipped with a high precision, dual frequency GNSS receiver, a geodetic quality antenna, and some also include an atomic frequency standard. Use CACS to download station coordinates, metadata and GNSS observation data from the national network (CACS), as well as the regional, provincial and municipal networks whose data are distributed by the Canadian Geodetic Survey.

Select stations using the checkboxes in the Map or the Stations List tab. You can then download either RINEX observation data or station metadata for your selected stations. For individual station reports or positioning time-series, follow the stations corresponding link on the map or station list.

Note: The GNSS Options box allows you to download precise orbits and clock corrections, as well as broadcast ephemerides for the GPS and GLONASS navigation satellite systems.

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